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Report re: Hyuuga Hizashiko [13 Aug 2008|11:10pm]
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[03 Aug 2008|04:36pm]
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To all gala attendees (3): [19 Apr 2008|09:51pm]
Sleeping arrangements for the duration of the gala:

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To all gala attendees (2): [15 Apr 2008|08:47pm]
The final list of who is going:

  • Haruko Sakurai
  • Hatake Kakami
  • Hyuuga Hanabi
  • Hyuuga Hinaji
  • Inuzuka Kiba
  • Kiyoyama Rin
  • Nara Shikako
  • Sarutobi Asuka
  • Sarutobi Konohako
  • Suzumo
  • Uchiha Sachiko
  • Uzuki Yuugao
  • Yamanaka Inosuke

As a reminder: we depart at 0800 sharp tomorrow.
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the gala [10 Apr 2008|05:40pm]
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Aki, make some free time. I need to speak with you before I leave.
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To all gala attendees: [10 Apr 2008|05:14pm]
Due to circumstances beyond his control, Tsurude-sama will be unable to attend the gala being held in Sarutobi Asuka's honor. Therefore, I will be attending in his place, as well as handling all pertinent details.

As you may or may not be aware, the Daimyo has had to postpone the gala for reasons that do not concern us. But word has been received that the celebration is back on schedule to begin on April 21st.

What this means:
  1. The baggage train for the Capital departs from Konoha on Monday, April 14th. Everyone who is planning on attending MUST have all of their necessary paraphernalia at the loading area by 1800 Sunday night. All pieces of luggage must be CLEARLY marked. Failure to meet these two stipulations will result in your inability to attend.

  2. All attendees plus ANBU escort will depart on Wednesday the 16th at 0800. I will have a list of whose luggage was sent. If you are not on the list, you will not be coming.

  3. Arrival at the Capital is estimated to be either on the 18th or 19th, depending on travel speed and conditions. This will enable everyone to rest before the actual festivities, as well as allow time for any necessary personal preparations. Wandering the city and sight-seeing are permitted, and in fact encouraged.

  4. The gala will begin on Monday, April 21st. The schedule of events will be given to us once we arrive.
For the duration of time we are guests in the Daimyo's household, I expect everyone to display their absolute best in the way of manners and etiquette. We are representing Konoha and the top families therein, so we must act accordingly.

Please note that I will hear of any inappropriate behavior. The perpetrators of such [mis]conduct will be made note of, and once we have returned to Konoha you and I will enjoy an extended conversation in my office before I decide you are ready to explain yourself to the Hokage.

Should anyone have any questions regarding anything to do with the gala, please direct them to me.

[ooc: please comment here, ICly, as to when your character has dropped their stuff off to be put on the baggage train. Anyone who does not comment before 6pm EST on the 15th will not be going. ♥]

[the window to comment has closed! if you haven't commented by now (2040 EST; y'all got a few extra hours ♥) then you are not going!]
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Message for the Hokage [15 Oct 2007|05:17pm]
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Report re: Events & Actions Surrounding Yuuhi Kureno [26 Sep 2007|02:21pm]
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Notice [27 Aug 2007|03:29pm]
Prisoner Yuuhi Kureno transferred to [classified] as of [classified].

Prisoner Yuuhi is to have NO visitors aside from Hokage-sama, Hyuuga-sama, and myself until such time as Hokage-sama deems otherwise.

Prisoner Yuuhi is to have NO contact, period, with anyone aside from the aforementioned. Same stipulations apply.

Morino Ibiki
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Message [23 Aug 2007|03:24pm]
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Profile: Chiriku [23 Aug 2007|02:59pm]
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[01] [23 Aug 2007|02:35pm]
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